Welcome to the Sage Accountants Network Blog!

Welcome (at long last) to the Sage Accountants Network blog. This blog has been a long time in the making and we’ve had a lot of discussion about it at our office for a while now, so I’m glad to see it finally go live. For this inaugural blog post, I’d like to share how we finally “arrived”.

On the Sage Accountants Network team we are lucky enough to have a social media “task master” (yes, Kimberly Creamore – that’s you!) and every time we said “We should have a blog!” Kim said “I think that’s a great idea – who is going to be responsible for ensuring there is a new post AT LEAST twice a week?”.  That question was followed by… Crickets. Silence. People staring at their shoes.

Then it dawned on me (and I’m not sure why it didn’t sooner) – why does it have to be just one person posting to and maintaining the blog?  We have an amazing North American team of talented individuals with insights, opinions and knowledge in so many areas of business.  Why wouldn’t we all contribute?  And so it began. Well, it didn’t exactly begin there – it took a little nudge from Brian Tankersley at K2 (if you would say registering a URL would be considered a “nudge”). I figure if someone that doesn’t work at Sage would go through the trouble of registering a URL for the Sage Accountants Network, there must be a few people who genuinely want to hear what we think. So let’s get it going!

Here is our commitment to this blog: we will post new content to our blog at a minimum of twice a week and our content will be original.  We won’t pay people to write it and we won’t have ghost writers, and although some may think this could be a mistake I think the opposite – I don’t think we need to. We may not be the best writers out there and we may not always be the resident expert on the topic we’re writing about, but as a team we do have well over 200 years of combined career experience (don’t ask me how I came up with that calculation). I think this blog is a great opportunity for each of us to share with you our perspectives and for you to get to know our individual personalities (which will be entertaining all on its own!). We’ll be covering all kinds of topics that are all about accounting and some topics that are about business in general so there will be something for everyone.

The one thing our entire team has in common is that we all love accountants and our team mandate is to continue to improve the way that we (Sage) serve accountants. I’m confident you’ll see that come through in our blog and we look forward to the content that is on the way! If you have feedback, thoughts or ideas you’d like to see us write about, please reach out to me and let me know – we’re very happy to take requests!

More to come and thanks for joining us.

Jennifer Warawa

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