Saving My Sanity with Sage Peachtree 2012

Recently, I was typing in a journal entry and it had 100 lines of data.  (I am not exaggerating!)  The accounting software I was using was Sage Peachtree Complete 2010.  I couldn’t set up the entry as recurring because the entry didn’t fit those rules but what I did do was save it in Excel so that when I needed these lines again I could just copy from Excel. The problem with this is that I still had to review and complete 100 lines of data entry.

The other day I just found out that you can copy journal entries using Sage Peachtree 2012!  No more 10-key data entry for me – well at least its cut down by 50%.  I can copy transactions from the entry screen or list view of Quotes, Sales Orders, Proposals, Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, and General Journal Entries.

Easily create a new sales invoice when a customer calls and says “give me the same thing I got last month but make it 10 widgets instead of 8.”

  1. Just find the sales invoice from last month.
  2. Open it.
  3.  Click Copy.

"Copy Transaction" functionality in Sage Peachtree 2012*

Change the number of widgets – or anything else – and save. It’s just that easy!

Great news for me – and anyone who enters this much data! If you haven’t yet done so, check out Sage Peachtree 2012.

Anita Johnson – Sage Accountant Advocate

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