Partner Pulse March 2013 – Sage Payment Solutions

Your Revenue Stream with Sage Payment Solutions

Sage Accountants Network Referral Program

Sage Payment Solutions welcomes Sage Accountants Network members to join our referral program! This program gives you the ability to offer credit and debit card payment processing services to your clients through Sage.

Participation in the program strengthens your relationship with your clients by helping them accept payments more easily, and depending on their accounting solution, may be integrated, eliminating the need for double entry.

By referring prospects to Sage Payment Solutions for your client’s merchant services needs, you can earn 10% of gross profit on Referred Merchants payment processing revenue or a one-time upfront payment.1

Program Highlights

■Our payment services integrate with many of the Sage product lines allowing your clients to better streamline their business processes. We also offer stand alone payment services for any business without a Sage product or a non-integrated product.

■Minimal work for you! We conduct the sales, handle the paperwork, and enroll your client.

■No risk or liability to you!

■Free set-up for a Sage merchant account for your clients.

Key Benefits for Your Clients

■Competitive credit card processing rates offered.

■Proprietary products & unique services

■Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance

■One stop solution – working with a brand you already know you can trust.

Learn More About our Referral Program

Fill out an online info request

■Call (800) 852-1903

1. One-time upfront payment amount to be determined by the Sage software product sold

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