Sage 50 Accounting Product Feature

Entering Receipt Amounts

The new enhancements to the Receive Money window match the workflow of our customers, which is to enter the Receipt amount and then apply it to open invoices. Sage 50 automatically selects the invoices to apply the amount.

Receipt amount is the same as an open invoice amount
When the receipt amount matches exactly, the program automatically select to pay the invoice that matches the amount. If there is more than one open invoice matching the amount, the first invoice in date due order is selected automatically. However, the customer can change the selection, if it is required.

Receipt amount that does not match open invoice(s) amount
The program selects the invoices in chronological order, according to the order in the receive money window, until the full receipt amount equals the open invoices. A warning message will appear anytime the customer changes the receipt amount.

Receipt amount is greater than open invoice amount(s)
When the receipt amount is more than the total outstanding invoices, Sage 50 selects to pay the open sales invoices for the customer. After selecting the save button, a secondary receipt window opens with two options:

  • Automatically create a prepayment for $XXXXX.XX—This option creates a prepayment for the difference in amount. The Check/Reference No field will populate with the current Check/Reference appended with CR.
  • Manually fix the difference on the receipt—This option allows the customer to manually adjust the receipt amount to match the total amount of invoices.

Receipt amount is less than open invoice amount(s)
When the customer enters a receipt amount, then selects to pay a different combination of invoices. Therefore, the invoices total is more than the receipt amount. After selecting save, the receipt message window will open and select the OK button to correct the receipt amount.

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