Get ready to capture and create value for your clients by attending this free Google Hangout with Ed Kless

ed-kless-photoWhy is pricing so important? Join Ed Kless, Sage senior director of partner development and strategy, on December 10 in a free Google Hangout where he’ll explain why pricing is such a huge factor in the success of your firm.

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Ed loves to find innovative ways to save time when it comes to creating manual reports and cumbersome spreadsheets . . . all while increasing revenue! He puts his energy into finding ground-breaking strategies that allow your clients to purchase your value, not your hours!

Register today to learn more how Ed can help you develop pricing choices and price strategies and share lessons around behavioral economics and why pricing is so important.

  • What: Google Hangout — Register Here
  • When: Wednesday, December 10, 1-2:30 p.m. ET (10-11:30 a.m. PT)
  • Topic: Get ready to capture and create value for your clients
  • Cost: No cost, compliments of Sage!

Google Hangout newbie? Not a problem!

If you’re new to Google Hangouts, no problem! Google Hangouts are super easy for you to get started on!

All you’ll need to do is sign up and then we’ll send you an email confirming your attendance with a link to join us on December 10. Click the link and be sure you can access the Hangout (you might need to login to Google+, but that should take just a minute if you’re not already registered with a Google account). Then, you just watch the Google Hangout like you would any other webcast, asking questions along the way via chat. Google Hangouts are much less polished than pre-recorded webcasts, but they’re also much more laid back and free-flowing in their conversation, kind of like hanging out with friends! We look forward to “hanging” out with you on December 10, so be sure to register today!

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