Building an adaptive (and successful!) culture in your firm

Adrian-Simmons-Google-Hangout-recording-screen-capture-wpWe recently had the chance to chat via Google Hangout with Adrian Simmons (@AdrianGSimmons), Chief Creative Designer at David G. Simmons, CPA, about building an adaptive culture in your firm. Change can be intimidating, especially when you’ve been in practice for a while, but Adrian shared why he believes that changing adaptively is crucial to your success as an accounting professional.

You can view the recorded Google Hangout on demand HERE.

Adrian has taken the time to build a creative, adaptive culture in his firm, with the aim of remaining agile with new developments in technology, requirements, and client needs. It hasn’t always been easy to accomplish, but his firm has already begun to see great results. A few key takeaways from the session include:

  • Building an adaptive culture is an investment. You may not see results overnight, but it will make all the difference in the world in the long run.
  • Set time in your schedule specifically for creativity. If you need to block off one morning, or even one full day per week, do it.
  • You can’t drink from the fire hose, but you can pick one stream. Approach change this way and it will be less overwhelming.

Adrian had plenty more wisdom to share, so be sure to check out the full recording. And keep the conversation going on Google+ by posting your thoughts, comments, and questions on the event page.

Watch the Recording

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