You deserve a break this tax season! Look to Sage for some relief.

Tax season is a grueling time . . . we get that and we’re sure you do, too! So, before you get knee deep in work, why not schedule a few of our free (yep, you read that right, FREE!) Tax Break Tuesday webcasts or spend just a few bucks on one or more of our $5 Friday webcasts?

See Available Webcasts Here

These two weekly webcast series are brought to you by the Leadership Education for Accounting Professional (LEAP) program and run from now until the end of tax season. Each course is facilitated by a leading expert, including speakers that include Ed Kless (@EdKless), Gary Olynik (@GaryOlynik), and Robert Early Johnson (@SalesKicker), so the information you’ll be receiving will be top-notch.

These webcasts will give you a much needed break while also helping to improve your skills so you can bring more value to your firm and your clients. Each course will earn you CPE/CPD credits that will help you reach your continuing education goal while also contributing to your pursuit of becoming a more valuable advisor to your clients.

taxBreakTuesdaySealFree Tax Break Tuesday Webcasts

You deserve a break. Take a breather from your grueling tax work with a free 1-hour webcast most Tuesdays during tax season. These thought provoking sessions will give you a fresh perspective on new ways to add more value to your client relationships beyond tax and compliance to the insights and guidance your clients are asking for. Webcasts include:

  • Top ten business myths
  • Deliver more through advisory services
  • Initiating a project in a small firm
  • Innovation beyond technology
  • The key KPIs to manage
  • On being a consultant
  • I’m in the cloud, now what?

fridayWebcastSeal$5 Friday Webcasts

As you wind down your work week, spend a little time optimizing your knowledge and skills in a one hour webcast for only $5. These webcasts will explore new technologies, new trends, and new client expectations to help you uncover business growth strategies for your firm and your clients. Webcasts include:

  • Introduction to value pricing
  • Making Sage View a part of your portfolio
  • Transforming general ledger data into information
  • Asking effective questions
  • Measure what matters

For a full list of courses, check out and click on the Special offers link at the top of the page. If you have questions or need assistance registering for one or more of the webcasts, you can contact Brandon Rothenwander at 1-866-905-4545.

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